Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

June 2015 is Bowel Cancer Awareness Month

Why screen for Bowel Cancer?

* Almost 80 people die each week from bowel cancer
* Nearly all bowel cancers can be cured if found early
* Many people who develop bowel cancer have no symptoms
* Bowel cancer can happen to anyone….

If you’re OVER 50, screen for bowel cancer every two years.
For more information, see your GP

For more information about the FREE National Bowel Cancer Screening Program
Call 1800 118 868 or visit

Free Bowel Screening Kit

If you’re aged 50-74 you will be sent a free bowel cancer screening kit.

The kit can detect bowel cancer before any symptoms appear. If detected early, up to 90% of cases can be successfully treated.

So be sure to complete and return your kit. It’s a gift that could save your life.

If you’re over 74 talk to your GP.

By 2020 people aged 50-74 will receive a kit every two years.

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