This practice uses a “Recall & Reminder” system to provide preventive care for our patients.

This will assist in ensuring that important health checks are not forgotten and are performed on time. You will be reminded when it is time to visit your doctor for a check-up or as a follow-up to health risks that have previously been found. The reminder system will include checks to help in the prevention or early detection of certain conditions such as diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and forms of cancer—particularly cervical and prostate cancer, and immunisation follow-up. We will use information from your health record to tell us the check-ups for which you are due and when you should visit your doctor to discuss the tests that are needed.

Our doctors follow the guidelines for preventive care as outlined in the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ Guidelines for Preventive Activities in General Practice. The guidelines are in line with the recommendations of organisations such as the National Health and Medical Research Council, the National Heart Foundation and others.

The new privacy laws require that we obtain your consent to send you these reminders. Your doctor will discuss with you the checks that may be necessary and will make a note on your record if you consent to be included in the recall and reminder system.

By allowing us to send you these reminders, you will help us to detect serious conditions early and to monitor known conditions. This can significantly improve the long-term outcome for you.

Please discuss with your doctor any concerns you have or if you wish your doctor to make clear anything to do with our Recall and Reminder system.