In the interest of safety for our patients and our Doctors, Nurses and Staff we have made changes to how you interact with your Doctor.


Our hours have temporarily been amended to:

7am to 7pm Monday to Friday
8am to 7pm Saturday and
8am to 6pm Sunday and Public Holidays


The Government has allowed doctors to do Telehealth consultations for our regular patients.  As from the 1st October 2020, legislation as changed and for some persons a fee for the telehealth will be implemented.  A rebate is available.  When booking a telehealth please consider if the presenting condition is able to be performed over the phone.  Our receptionists and nurses are able to assist you with this.

If you are a regular patient and are experiencing symptoms of COVID this service will be bulk billed.  If you are not a regular patient of the clinic we are not able to provide a telehealth for you to organise a test.  Please contact your regular treating doctor.

Careplans will continue to be performed through telehealth and will be bulk billed as usual.

How is this organised?    Phone the surgery and discuss your needs with the receptionist. They will book a Telehealth Phone Consultation with your doctor of choice or another doctor if your doctor is not available. Some Doctors have elected to work from home for various reasons.

How does it work?   The doctor will phone you at or close to the appointment time. Please note – the number they call from may be an unknown number. The doctor will then discuss your needs and has access to your file remotely with remote security put in place to ensure your confidentiality.

How do I get my Script, referral, certificate etc?  If you require a script please have your pharmacy details ready for when you speak to the doctor. The doctor will arrange for the script to be faxed or emailed appropriately and the original will be posted to the Pharmacy.

Referrals can usually be sent electronically or if not appropriate this will be emailed to the practice and the staff will fax to the Specialist.

Certificates will be scanned and then forwarded to the reception staff to email, fax or post.

What if I need a pathology or radiology request?  Pathology and Radiology companies accept faxed/emailed referrals. The doctor will organise this with the staff.  We will usually send this directly to the patient or can forward to the radiology company.  Alternatively, the referral can be picked up from reception by a well person.

Myself or a family member is sick how do we see my doctor?  The staff will organise a phone consultation with you and the doctor to discuss your symptoms. You will then be directly appropriately, either to the hospital, to attend the practice and be seen in an outdoor area  where you can be seen without compromising yourself or other people.

I want to discuss my test results with my doctor?  This can be organised over the phone with the doctor. Please book a phone consultation.

Your phone lines are busy how do I contact you?  Our phone lines have been congested but keep trying or you can go to our website at and go to the contact us page. You can send an email and we will respond as soon as possible. DO NOT USE this in case of an emergency. In case of urgent matters or emergencies, please phone 000 or phone 13HEALTH for advice.