In the interest of safety for our patients and our Doctors, Nurses and Staff we have made changes to how you interact with your Doctor.


Due to the Pandemic our hours have been amended to:

7am to 7pm – Monday to Friday.   8am to 6pm – Saturday, Sunday and Public Holidays.  This is subject to change due to Doctor and Staff availability if isolation is required.
MASKS MANDATORY FOR ALL PERSONS ENTERING THE PRACTICE. No exceptions or exemptions.  If you have a Doctors written mask exemption a telehealth must be arranged prior with the doctor.


Who is eligible?
The MBS telehealth items are available to providers of telehealth services for a wide range of consultations. All Medicare eligible Australians can receive these services if they have an established clinical relationship with a GP or a medical practice. This requirement supports longitudinal and person-centred primary health care that is associated with better health outcomes.
An established relationship means the medical practitioner performing the service:
• has provided at least one face-to-face service to the patient in the 12 months preceding the telehealth attendance; or
• is located at a medical practice where the patient has had at least one face-to-face service arranged by that practice in the 12 months preceding the telehealth attendance (including services performed by another doctor located at the practice)
• The established relationship requirement is a rolling requirement applying to every telehealth consultation. For each telehealth consultation, the patient must meet one of the eligibility requirements outline above, unless one of the following exemptions applies.
The established relationship requirement does not apply to:
• children under the age of 12 months;
• people who are homeless;
• patients receiving an urgent after-hours (unsociable hours) service; or
• patients of medical practitioners at an Aboriginal Medical Service or an Aboriginal Community Controlled Health Service; or
• people isolating because of a COVID-related State or Territory public health order, or in COVID-19 quarantine because of a State or Territory public health order.
AND patients accessing specific MBS items for:
• blood borne viruses, sexual or reproductive health consultations; and
• pregnancy counselling services;
• mental health services; and
• nicotine and smoking cessation counselling.

A patient’s participation in a previous telehealth consultation does not constitute a face-to-face service for the purposes of ongoing telehealth eligibility. New patients of a practice and regular patients who have not attended the practice face to face in the preceding 12 months must have a face-to-face attendance if they do not satisfy the above exemptions.   Subsequent services may be provided by telehealth, if safe and clinically appropriate to do so.
Practitioners should confirm that patients have received an eligible face-to-face attendance in the preceding 12 months, or meet one or more of the relevant exemption criteria for the service, prior to providing a telehealth attendance. Failure to meet the established relationship requirement may result in incorrect claiming.

How is this organised?    Phone the surgery and discuss your needs with the receptionist. They will book a Telehealth Phone Consultation with your doctor of choice or another doctor if your doctor is not available.

How does it work?   The doctor will phone you at or close to the appointment time. Please note – the number they call from may be an unknown number. If a fee is payable the doctor may transfer you to reception or the receptionist will phone and request payment over of the phone.

How do I get my Script, referral, certificate etc?  Prescriptions can now sent to your phone via escript.  Take your phone with the QR code to your pharmacy and they will be able to download the prescription.  Some circumstances will require for the script to be emailed to your pharmacy of choice and the original will be posted to the Pharmacy.

Referrals can usually be sent electronically to the specialist or hospital.

Certificates and radiology referrals will be scanned and then forwarded to the patient via email or post or collection at reception.

Pathology referral can now be transmitted to your mobile phone.  If this is not suitable it can be picked up from reception or emailed to the patient.

Myself or a family member is sick how do we see my doctor?  The staff will organise a phone consultation with you and the doctor to discuss your symptoms. You will then be directly appropriately to a respiratory clinic,  hospital or if Doctor considers risk is minimal to attend the practice and be seen in an outdoor area  where the person can be seen safely.

When attending, only 1 support person to attend if absolutely necessary with the patient who is symptom free and has not had any close contact with a positive covid case.

I want to discuss my test results with my doctor?  This can be organised over the phone with the doctor. Please book a phone consultation.

Your phone lines are busy how do I contact you?  Our phone lines have been congested but keep trying or you can go to our website at and go to the contact us page. You can send an email and we will respond as soon as possible. DO NOT USE this in case of an emergency. In case of urgent matters or emergencies, please phone 000 or phone 13HEALTH for advice.