Whether travelling for business or for pleasure Hinterland Medical Centre can provide you and your family with a full range of travel medicine services including:

– Immunisations (Yellow Fever, Hep A&B, Typhoid, Japanese Encephalitis, Rabies, Tetanus, Flu, Polio, Whooping Cough)
– First Aid Kits
– Medical Advice

Please ensure you have sufficient time to be vaccinated prior to your overseas departure.

Travel Medicines Alliance

The Hinterland Medical Centre is a member of TMA – Travel Medicines Alliance. Appointment requests can be made on line at www.travelmedicine.com.au Choose “Make an appointment” and Choose the TMA Member Location at Nerang Qld. A staff member will be in contact with you to discuss your booking.

Medicines list for travel

When planning your overseas trip, organising your medicine is one of the most important things you can do. If you require prescription medicine, it is important that you have this medicine with you so that you remain in good health while you are away. Taking or sending PBS subsidised medicine out of Australia that is not for your own personal use or the personal use of someone travelling from Australia with you is illegal. If you are planning to take PBS medicine overseas for your own personal use or the personal use of someone travelling from Australia with you, you should:

1. Contact the embassy of the country you are visiting to ensure the medicine is legal there
2. Carry or enclose a letter from your doctor detailing what the medicine is, how much you will be taking and stating the medicine is for your personal use
3. Leave the medicine in its original packaging. There are also restrictions on the amount of PBS medicine you can take overseas. It is advisable to check with your doctor before you travel. Customs may detain any medicine it suspects is being illegally exported. It is therefore in your best interest to provide documentation explaining what the medicine is, how much you are carrying, and that it is for your personal use. More information is available from www.smartraveller.gov.au.